Plastics are extremely versatile materials due to their excellent properties.

This versatility can be seen in the most diverse applications, with plastics able to assume a rigid or flexible, transparent, translucent or opaque form (the possibilities are practically infinite), in which their main characteristics are:

– Their lightness, due to their relatively low density 

– High flexibility and impact resistance 

– They are hygienic and aseptic, ideal for use in packaging, particularly in the food industry 

Low Processing Temperature 

Thermal insulation, allowing substantial reduction of energy losses, enabling gains in the reduction of energy expenditures 

Electrical insulation

– They are resistant to corrosion, making them durable and suitable for use in aggressive environments, also requiring a lower level of maintenance compared to any other traditional material


– Can be designed to have limited durability (biodegradable plastics) 

– Among many other characteristics


Plastics and 
the environment