The Climate Journey is an initiative promoted by Get2C in partnership with Cascais City Council to mobilise Portuguese society for the urgent climate transition. Over the course of 14 days, this journey will see three teams of four compete to complete a route from the north to the south of Portugal, in the most sustainable way possible and, above all, with the greatest positive impact on communities.

This journey will be developed in partnership with 9 municipalities and aims to convey the message that our daily choices have the power to influence the course of the planet and that the path of decarbonisation towards carbon neutrality is possible, necessary and inevitable and that we all (municipalities, companies, society) have a role to play through collective and individual climate action. The journey is developed through the concept of a game, with a fictitious currency (Climate currency), using technological tools and includes various moments of involvement along the way, creating a positive impact on communities and leaving no-one behind. Find out more:

Climate Journey