Sectorial Standardization Body

The APIP as Sectorial Standardization Body

As a Sectorial Standardization Body, APIP monitorizes all the information of the European Committees of Standardization (CEN) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

As ONS, APIP is responsible for the management of the National Technical Committees

CT 58 – Plastic pipes and ducting systems

CT 161 – Plastic pipes and fittings and valves for the supply of gaseous fuels

APIP also cooperates with other national committees as CT 42 – Heath and Safety at Work, CT 60 – Packaging, CT 97 – Food Contact, CT 142 - Greenhouses… 

    • 40 members are participating actively in the national Technical Committees; some of this members are experts in working groups of CEN and ISO 
    • 100 European Standards are already translated into Portuguese Language as NP EN 
    • 24 meetings a year of National TC´s
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